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New parts

Starting out, we purchased the majority of our parts from a regional distributor.

Today, we purchase direct from the manufacturer. We have over 100 vendors that supply our stock parts. We are proud of the fact we can supply our customers with quality parts for today's modern truck with electronics, or that hard to find part for the vintage vehicle that still has a useful purpose. If the part is available, our personnel knows how to find it. Many times we can offer the customer an alternative between new - remanufactured - rebuilt - or used.

We started small, but have grown in size and can say with pride that our market is international. We export parts and equipment to many regions of the world. Southwest Truck Parts, Inc. is a leader within our industry. We have belonged to Council of Fleet CVSN Specialists since 1990 and National Truck and Equipment Association since 1990. We joined Heavy Duty America CVSN in 1996.

In 2013 – merged with HDA Truckpride. HDA Truckpride logo

The membership in HDA Truckpride allows us to provide our customers with a Warranty Program valid at over 400 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and a nation wide 24-hour break down service hotline.

In 1993, to help our customers we started a formal daily delivery service Monday-Friday within a 130 mile radius of each of our locations. If you call before 9:00 am, and we have the part in stock, we will deliver the same day. You can also call in during the day and have your parts delivered the following day. Knowledge - Quality - and Friendly Service is what we deliver for you.

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