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From the start of our service business, rebuilt transmissions, rear-ends and differentials have been an integral part. We realized the importance of having quality rebuilt units in stock to having a fully staffed rebuild department.

We ship units all over the continental United States. We strive to provide additional value to the quality product we produce and sell, by having the units ready for you when you need them. We have in stock over 1,000 of the most popular, quality built, transmissions and rear-ends ready to ship. If your unit is not in stock, we can build it for you.

We can also supply a used take-out unit. These are units that are taken out of trucks, inspected and made available on an as-is basis. When you call us, we can provide you with quality alternatives that fit your needs.

We also have a large volume of used, and hard to find parts that allow us to rebuild or repair most vintage units.

We carefully inspect each shoe core and reline it with quality brake material. We have the product, lined and waiting for your order. We offer our customers pricing alternatives with regard to grades of lining, but never lower our standards for quality or safety. We also stock lining material to re-line emergency brake bands. STOP at Southwest Truck Parts for your brake repair needs.

The SWTP advantage of Knowledgeable Personnel, a Quality Product, and Product Availability, makes us a leader in the Industry.

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